ORACLE ColorSHIFT Wireless Controller

ORACLE ColorSHIFT Wireless Controller

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ORACLE Part # 1713-504

A small sized wireless remote that packs a lot of power to control your 12V ORACLE LED ColorSHIFT Products. Designed to control RGB LED lighting accessories with a variety of functions; can also operate with Home-Link Technology.

Single Color Modes:
A) Press A to change colors/ Hold A to change brightness.
B) Press B to cycle strobe patterns.
C) Press C to initiate breathing mode.
D) On/Off

7 Color-Changing Mode
A) Press A multiple times until you reach the 7 color-changing mode.
B) Press B to speed up the function.
C) Press C to slow down the function.
D) On/Off

Product Features: 
• Input: 12V DC 
• Output: 60W (30W/ Channel) 
• Remote Material: Stainless Steel 
• Box Material: Anodized Aluminum

Product Instructions: 
• Mount Box in a Cool /Dry Location. 
• Extend Antenna Wire for Best Reception
• Remove Fuse While Installing. 
• Output w/ Red Line is (+) 12V
• 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Package Includes:
- (1) ORACLE ColorSHIFT Wireless Controller Module
- (1) ORACLE ColorSHIFT Wireless Controller Wireless Key FOB